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Our Story

Our family has been growing livestock and poultry for more than 50 years in southern Sampson County, North Carolina.  In places you’ve probably never heard of – places like Kerr and Clear Run.  But even before we got started, other farm families in this region were raising turkeys and it’s those families who plowed the ground for future turkey production in our state.  Their early birds, those homegrown turkeys, were often bronze birds grown in backyards or small pastures.  

Today, our family is proud to offer you a holiday turkey that goes back to the roots of our region and connects us to those farm families who raised turkeys here before us … our South River Bronze.  Our turkeys are heirloom bronze birds, pasture raised on our farm near the South River in southeastern NC, and available in limited quantities for the 2020 holiday season. 

These are turkeys that connect us to family dinner tables of the past: all-natural bronze birds that are hatched, raised, and harvested in a region long known for growing turkeys.  Turkeys that are a premium slow-growing breed like those grown on family farms years ago; turkeys raised in an open barn with unrestricted access to pasture to allow for ranging and natural foraging.   Turkeys raised in a way and a place going back to the roots of our region. 

The South River Heritage

Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about the South River Bronze turkey?

One of the first things you will notice when you open the packaging is the skin of the bronze turkey – it may look different from turkeys you’ve purchased in the past.  That’s because bronze turkeys have dark feathers – ranging from a brown copper color to black.  And when our birds are harvested, bronze pin feathers can be dark and visible while white pin feathers don’t show in the white skin of a turkey that you may be used to cooking.   Also, you may see some spots that result from melanin-rich pockets of fluid that surround the feather shaft.  These are just normal markings for a bronze bird.

South River Bronze turkeys are fed a high quality, vegetarian feed that does not contain medications or animal by-products.  They are raised antibiotic free, meaning they receive no antibiotics or any types of medications.  And it's important for you to know that no hormones are approved for use in turkeys of any kind. 

South River Bronze birds have a lot in common with wild turkeys.  They are slow-growing and spend a lot of time roaming and running around outside.  That activity may lead to more robust dark meat and you may find even the breast meat slightly darker in color.  Overall, you are likely to notice a full, rich flavor with more texture as well. 

What do I need to know about cooking a South River Bronze?

These turkeys are non-basted to preserve the natural, original flavor so that means there’s NO added salt solutions to these whole hen turkeys.  Keep that in mind as you season your South River Bronze. 

We highly recommend that you monitor the temperature during the cooking process with a food thermometer so that you don’t let your turkey cook too long and result in dry meat. Inserted into the thickest part of the inner thigh (but not including bone), internal temperature should read 165⁰F.

How will my South River Bronze be packed and shipped to me? 

Let’s start with a few details about shipping:  We ship Monday – Thursday via UPS. Order before 10:00 AM EST and your turkey will ship out the same day.  Tracking information will be provided once your order has shipped. 

We are offering $15 UPS Ground shipping for orders in NC, which usually arrive by the end of the following business day. Due to COVID-19 delays, UPS Next Day Air Saver and UPS Second Day Air AM deliveries will arrive by the end of the second day. 

Your South River Bronze will be packed frozen with gel packs in a sturdy, insulated foam container within a cardboard box.   If you are cooking your turkey in the next few days after receiving it, you can store in the refrigerator for thawing.  Otherwise, store immediately in the freezer. 


Any orders received after November 19 will not be guaranteed for delivery by November 26, 2020. 

Any orders received after December 16 will not be guaranteed for delivery by December 25, 2020.

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Give your family the gift of South River Bronze Turkey

A specialty bird of high meat quality – pasture raised, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed, certified hatched, raised and harvested in the USA.


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